Covid 19 and a beautiful "Sunrise Over Cowes"

Covid 19 and a beautiful "Sunrise Over Cowes"

Strange days, The Gallery is of course closed, and this means we are sadly unable to make or ship any website orders at the moment. Fingers crossed this won't be for too much longer... 

Normally,  we would now be excited to be welcoming back visitors to the island for the Easter Holidays. We've worked hard this winter getting the Gallery ready for you! So for us, like many, the timing of the closure is poor.

On a more positive note, I've been away a fair bit working on a new project - more of that in the next few weeks. On a personal level, for those who know us, we are fine. We are lucky to have a lovely garden by the sea in beautiful Ventnor. The sun is shining, and as a family we are learning to enjoy the simple things. (That said if you're kids are climbing the walls, and you have the outdoor space, consider splashing out on a new trampoline - it's a game changer!).. 

We know a lot of you are having a tougher time of it: Clare and our girls Rosie and Tabatha send you guys our best wishes.


This new work, "Sunrise Over Cowes" was taken from my friend Mike's little Piper plane a few months ago. We'd already made several predawn flights hoping to get this image but with no luck, so this beautiful soft sunrise was a thrill.

For these shoots, we take the doors off the plane and Mike flies stomach clenching crazy tight little circles whilst I lean out and take a series of shots to reassemble in Photoshop. It's fun, but it's easy to screw up the camera exposure side of things. This time I didn't. It seems like a long time ago already...

It is hard to show these pano shots well on a screen, but you can getter a better feel for the detail by going to the Isle of Wight section on the website.

Keep washing those hands and if you can, be kind.  Neil x



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