Post and Packing Charge

Post and packaging is £6 for all deliveries to the UK.

(For deliveries overseas a charge of £10 is added to your order.)


Buying Prints On-line

To order a print on-line simply go to the Galleries page, click on the picture you'd like and choose from the available sizes.

You can enter your credit/debit card details in the usual way.


Can I order a framed picture on-line?

The large prints can now be ordered framed on the website.

At the moment I'm not sending out the standard sizes framed. But they do come mounted and ready to pop into ready made frames. You need to order a frame with glass size 40 cm by 50 cm. These are easy to find at Ikea and other stores. I use ones made by Nielsen Bainbridge which can found online. 


Delivery Times

Prints will usually be sent out via first class recorded delivery within five days of an order being placed.

Framed work takes a bit longer - up to10  days. Framed work will be sent by courier.

Often however, it will be much quicker than this. If you're in a hurry for a gift, then call me on 07957 473693 and I'll normally be able help.

Your picture will need to be signed for when it arrives.


What if I decide I don’t like a picture when it arrives?

I’ll be more disappointed than you. You can return the picture within two weeks and I’ll refund the cost of the print but not of the post and packaging. You’ll also need to pay for the return postage. Please contact me either by phone or email before returning the picture.


How Long Will My Pictures Last?

A problem with inkjet print has been, that whilst potentially beautiful, they've been liable to quickly fade and change colour. My prints won't. I use Epson's Ultrachrome pigmented inks on an O.B.A. free 100% cotton rag fine art paper (O.B.A.s make prints whiter and brighter at first, but quickly yellow, and are wrongly used in most so called "art papers".). When dry, I then coat my prints with a U.V. light resistant spray, which also helps prevent damage from ozone, humidity and pollution. Finally, the photographs are presented in acid free conservation mount-board.

I believe this to be the best combination of inks and paper available today. Independent research (carried out by a company called the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute) suggests that my prints will look the same in 130 years time. However there are reasons to be sceptical of such longevity claims, and it's best not to leave any artwork exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.