Have we moved?

Yes! The Ventnor gallery is now closed. We are now located at 21-22 Shooters Hill  (the end heading towards the chain ferry) directly opposite Sainsburys and Tiffin's café. We are less than a minutes walk from the passenger ferry that comes across directly from Southampton and back many times throughout the day. Please contact us for directions  01983 856233 or 07957 473693. We will generally be here between 10 and 5.30 Monday to Sunday but if you are making a special trip please call and check first to avoid disappointment. 


Post and Packing Charge

Framed and stretched canvases: £35 to the UK (via Parcelforce)

We are sadly unable to ship framed work abroad, but we can send rolled up canvases to be stretched and framed by your local framer. 


Buying Prints Online

To order a print online simply go to the Galleries page, click on the picture you'd like and choose from the available sizes.

You can enter your credit/debit card details in the usual way.



Delivery Times


We are crazy busy. Shipping times are now 2 - 3  weeks. Sometimes we can do a bit better...

Your art will be sent via Parcelforce. Please provide your mobile number when placing your order as they will text you prior to delivery with their estimated drop off time at which point you will be able to reschedule for a different time/date, leave with a neighbour etc. Please don't worry if you miss them, they are usually brilliant and will keep attempting delivering to you until they are successful. 

Often however, it will be much quicker than this. If you're in a hurry for a gift, or want your picture for a specific date then call me on 07957 473693 and we will help if we can.

A signature will be required when your package arrives.


Can I order a picture with bespoke measurements?

Nope. Sorry.

Do we print other peoples pictures? 

Unfortunately this is something we do not do as we are simply too busy printing our own! There are multitude of options available from the internet so I would suggest having a look there. Google is your friend.


Do you still have a stall at Northcote Road Market?

I no longer have my stall at Northcote Road Market I'm sad to say, however it is for a good reason as I am now here, full time on the Isle of Wight in my big, new gallery in Cowes, so not a bad transition! However this means that If you'd like to see my work in person, you'll have to come for a holiday to the Island (were right by the passenger ferry that comes across directly from Southampton).. It really is a beautiful place to visit, a good excuse!


How Long Will My Pictures Last?

A problem with inkjet print has been, that whilst potentially beautiful, they've been liable to quickly fade and change colour. My prints won't. I use Epson's Ultrachrome pigmented inks on an O.B.A. free 100% cotton rag fine art paper (O.B.A.s make prints whiter and brighter at first, but quickly yellow and are wrongly used in most so called "art papers") When dry, I then coat my prints with a U.V. light resistant spray, which also helps prevent damage from ozone, humidity and pollution. Finally, the photographs are presented in acid free conservation mount-board.

I believe this to be the best combination of inks and paper available today. Independent research (carried out by a company called the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute) suggests that my prints will look the same in 130 years time. However there are reasons to be sceptical of such longevity claims, and it's best not to leave any artwork exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.