Sailing my little Contessa 26 around Britain

I didn’t drown! Sailing around Britain solo to Photograph The Shipping Forecast

On the 14th of October I sailed back into Cowes completing a circumnavigation of Britain on my little Contessa 26. The idea behind the trip was to spend a lot of time at sea collecting material for my book and art project "Photographing The Shipping Forecast". I loved it. A summer to remember.

If you are curious about what sailing solo on a small yacht might feel like do please take a look at my YouTube channel "Neil Williams Gallery"..The link is: Neil Williams Gallery - YouTube .

And if you wonder how the book is coming along, some of the artwork is now available for sale here...THE SHIPPING FORECAST – neil williams

I'm more excited about the project and upcoming book as it all starts to come together than ever. Every thing I do is funded by art sales so if you like what I do you know how to support the work! Kind words help too!

Thank you for reading,

Neil :-)


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