Ventnor Boxing Day Swim Charity Giveaway

Ventnor Boxing Day Swim Charity Giveaway

Charity Giveaway

In honour of the fantastic charity P.A.T.C.H ,and the brave souls who dive fearlessly into these icy and wild waters at midday on boxing day, I'm raffling off my canvas "Ventnor Beach in November" It's 2 metres long and worth £400.

Tickets are £1, and can be bought from the gallery now and on the day. Lets see how much we can raise!!! ALL PROCEEDS go to the fabulous local charity P.A.T.C.H.

The draw will be made, and the winner announced post swim at the gallery. Good luck!

A Portrait of Ventnor

If you're swimming, or watching from the shore, look out for me and give me a wave when the whistle goes off. I'm planning to swim out early and photograph the annual spectacular from the water. The view, I hope, will be something like this, adorned with your lovely faces and goose-bumped bodies!

Sign up to the website newsletter, and with luck I'll send you the result in a few days..

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