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neil williams

The Sun and Stars

The Sun and Stars

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I wanted a big bright orange picture to brighten up a dark corner of my living room. Like a big sun. I also wanted a "sky map" of the stars and constellations. One that wasn't dark as they always seem to be. This picture is the result.

It's a mixed media piece, starting life as a watercolour for texture and tone, then being worked on more on the computer. This is a process I've enjoyed creating and developing over the last few years. It's becoming more and more "my" way of working.

Finally I add the gold stars and sparkle by hand. I hope you like it as much as I do. It's cute how it twinkles in candle light and has made a gloomy corner of my home happy.


We build everything ourselves in the gallery. The photograph is printed on the very best archival matte canvas and then left flat to dry for a few days. The great thing about a matte finish with no glass is that you have no distracting glare or reflections. It's a much more direct experience.

Whilst the print is drying we can get on with making the stretcher frame and the tray frame that the finished canvas will drop into. The tray frame is then hand painted.

Next the canvas is stretched over the stretcher frame. Then we assemble the canvas and frame, put a hanging wire on the back. Finally Neil signs the piece front and back adding the title and edition number.

We use the very best materials, and I would expect my pictures to look exactly the same in 100 years. They won't fade in our lifetime. 


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Large Round Stretched Canvas Framed in a White Tray Frame: £685

Limited Edition of 150

Framed Size 93 cm  in diameter ( image is 86.5cm)


Feel free to call Neil on 07957 473693 with any more questions, or email us at 

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